Educational Camps at Bushtrail

Kids on mountainBushtrail is unique in that it has a wide range of geographical features with a very varied fauna and flora, all in a relatively small area. 

We, here at Bushtrail, believe that learning by and through experience is the best teaching method. Our approach is a 'classroom without walls'.

Each lesson is conducted on a lecture format and then followed up by the practical work to consolidate the information given during the lesson. In the event of rain the Lapa is put to good use.

Our aims are to provide an outside, natural environment where children are encouraged to:


The course at Bushtrail is tailor made to suit each particular class or group. The duration of your stay is determined by yourselves from 1 to 5 days, or over weekends. Groups may also conduct their own programme.

At Bushtrail we have facilities to teach the following subjects:

GEOGRAPHY: this includes:


BIOLOGY: this includes:

playWe cater for groups from Grade 1 right through to Grade 12, student teachers have also been here for practical work. 

We offer a basic Afrikaans course to English medium schools. 

Once the programme has been worked out we collate all the lectures into a booklet form, each child is handed one and goes back to school with them. All projects which they have worked on also go back to the school.