Welcome to Bushtrail

Bushtrail, a farm of 80 hectares, is situated in the Magaliesburg area, approximately 80 km from Johannesburg and about 100 from Pretoria. Bushtrail is situated well off the main road and we have a magnificent view of the Magaliesburg mountain and the valleys leading to it. 

The house and bungalows are built of natural stone and are under thatch. Borehole water and ESCOM power make Bushtrail a very comfortable 'home-away-from-home'.

Bushtrail was originally started as a holiday camp catering for those children whose parents were unable to go away on holiday at the same time. These camps were and still are very popular. In 1981 the Educational side of Bushtrail was developed and it was in 1982 that the full potential of Bushtrail was realized when it was approved as an Environmental Field Centre by School Journey Services.

Our next Holiday Camps

Summer Camps:
Camp 1: Saturday 15th Saturday 22nd December 2018

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